Sidings soon to reopen!

The popular Sidings café will be opening its doors again to customers on 26th April. For full details of their arrangements around current pandemic restrictions check them out on Facebook –

Keeping an eye on reopening

We are hoping to be able to resume normal scheduled services from the beginning of July. The precise date will depend on progress in lifting restrictions concerning the pandemic.We are setting up an online booking system to enable us to comply with the rules on social distancing.Bookings will be possible either through this website or […]

Vital Help from the National Lottery!

Faced with heavy financial losses and increased overheads the KDRA Board had to ask for help from funding agencies. Bridge inspections were due, sleepers had to be changed, a farm level crossing needed repair, and so did several small culvert bridges. Work on a second track to the engineering shed was still waiting to be […]

Essential maintenance

At this time, owing to coronavirus restrictions, Keith and Dufftown Railway volunteers will continue to carry out essential maintenance especially where safety critical factors apply and to try to complete other works already in progress. The attention of all is drawn to our Covid19 Method Statement.

Relaying the Second Track!

The long awaited relaying of the second track between Dufftown Station and the engineering shed is now well in progress and has become fully a part of our essential maintenance program. Day 1 saw us lifting the old track and preparing to shift the temporary point work. Day 2 saw us placing the point work […]

Essential Maintenance: Strengthening work completed on five under-bridges.

This is Towiemore Sawmill culvert where new rail-bearers have been installed to secure its long-term load bearing capacity. Scaut Hill culvert. This is a small bridge over a drain at the top of the Parkmore Bank. Two large larch rail-bearers have been installed ensuring its safe weight bearing capacity for many years to come. Tullock […]

PW Work – Contractors speeding the way in sleeper replacement.

Thanks to grant money received from the Heritage Lottery Emergency fund we have been able to hire contractors to speed our work replacing old wooden sleepers with concrete ones. These will last us for many years to come. Here you can see their RRV (Road Rail Vehicle) heading back to Dufftown. Tom, our permanent way […]

Parkmore quarry underbridge struck by HGV!

On Monday 12th October at about 1430 the railway bridge over the road was struck by an HGV travelling towards Dufftown. Damage resulted in overnight road closure. The matter is in hand with our insurers.