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We shall be making tickets available for booking from 1st June 2021.

Before booking please read the instructions below:

We advise passengers to book tickets in advance. See our timetable:

Please select your ticket price category according to your place of departure i.e. Keith or Dufftown.
(It makes it easier for us to plan seat reservations)

This is about booking seats for Keith departures:

For the first train departing Keith at 11.30 am book seats on the ’10.30’ train.
For the second train departing Keith at 2.30 pm book seats on the ’1.30’ train.
For the last train departing Keith at 4.20 pm book seats on the ’3.30’ train.
lease note: there is no return to Keith if you take the last train.

If starting from the Keith end, seat numbers are just for the outward journey.
Please contact the booking clerk at Dufftown to confirm seats for your return journey.

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Passengers should wear face masks and follow current social distancing guidelines.

This page last updated: 10/06/21