Our shop (left photo above) is located in Keith Town Station (AB55 5BR) where a variety of goods, ranging from keyrings, pens, mugs, fridge magnets, locally produced sweets etc to railway books, DVDs, and preowned model railway items are on sale. The shop also includes a children’s section, which in addition to the Peter’s Railway series of books and booklets also includes Thomas the Tank Engine range and Jack the Station Cat books. A limited range of souvenirs and books are also available from the shop counter in Dufftown Station (right photo above).

In addition the following postcards and books can be purchased by post.



Postcard Set

Complete sets of 8 full colour postcards depicting various scenes from the Keith and Dufftown Railway are available by post for £2.00– P&P £1.00

Set of 4 full colour postcards depicting various scenes from the Keith and Dufftown Railway are available by post for £1.00– P&P 50p

Individual cards can be bought at Keith or Dufftown Station for 30 pence each.

Keith to Dufftown –The Whisky Line
How the Line Survived

  • This new book has been written by KDRA member David Fasken. It covers the more modern history of our heritage railway explaining how the line from Keith Junction to Dufftown avoided complete closure in the British Rail era of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s; and, when it did finally succumb in 1991, how it transformed itself into the United Kingdom’s most northerly heritage railway. The story brings the history of our railway bang up-to-date as we approach the 160th anniversary of the line’s opening in 2022.

  • It is published by the Great North of Scotland Railway Association whose members, and those of KDRA, have contributed many hitherto unpublished photographs from the past 60 years. Steam is covered with shots of the last steam-hauled train to run the line for 50 years in 1962 until the 2012 KDRA Steam Weekend.

    KDRA and GNSRA have collaborated on this project and sales of the book will benefit both organisations. The price is £9:00 from Alistair Coull in person; or £9:00 + £1:50 post and packing by sending a cheque payable to “Keith & Dufftown Railway Association” to Keith & Dufftown Railway Association, Retail Sales, Dufftown Station, Dufftown, Banffshire, AB55 4BA. 

The Whisky Line – A guide to the Keith & Dufftown Railway – Ian McKenzie & Alistair Coul

  • This is the new 2023, comprehensively illustrated guide book to the railway. The guide book has been revised to include new photos, an expanded section on our rolling stock and much more. £6.50 – P&P £1.50

Tales With Trains – Ron Smith

  • New for 2018
  • A book of 17 tales of travelling by train and working on the railway
  • Filled with many colour and black and white photographs
  • £10 plus £1.26 postage


  • A book of railway memories, anecdotes and stories from the 1960’s and 1970’s from Inverness through the Highlands and North East of Scotland – by David Fasken
  • All proceeds from the book will be directed to the Keith & Dufftown Railway Funds, available from Keith Town Station Shop and Dufftown Station Booking office only £5 or buy by post, in which case add £1.50pp, see foot of page for ordering details. A railway book with a difference! including hitherto unpublished photographs and railway facts, this book is to be enjoyed with a dram!

Class 140 – Peter Dickinson & Ron Smith

  • Published by the Keith & Dufftown Railway. A5, 48 pages, full colour card cover, wire stitched, with many black and white illustrations, most of which have never been published before. Written by Peter Dickinson of the Pacer Preservation Group and Ron Smith of the Keith & Dufftown Railway.
  • This new book comprehensively covers the story of this unique two car diesel unit that was the prototype for all of the second generation diesel units on the rails of the UK today. The Class 140 unit was experimental, and the only unit built is currently at the Keith & Dufftown Railway at Dufftown Station awaiting time and money for restoration. This book has obtained many BR publicity and other documents, and with inside knowledge, provides a fascinating insight into the concept and operation of this lightweight train. With the help of Pacer Preservation Group members, details have been gathered of its travels around the network, from Cornwall to Inverness-shire in its all too short working life. £5.00 – P&P £1.50


  • This A5 book, 72 pages, 55 photos, which are black and white many never previously published. The memories of a highland railway man and KDRA member Jock Hay of Inverness. Jock started work on the LMS at Forres depot in 1940 and finally retirednearly 47 years later from Inverness as driver instructor, including training crews on HSTs.
  • His firs job on the railway was to clean “Ben Hope” on night shift, hence the title. The book is a fascinating record of working on Highland Railway, LMS and BR steam and diesels right through to current locomotives. Jock has very kindly donated all the proceeds from the sale of this book to the KDRA which is much appreciated. £7.00 – P&P £1.50


TOWIEMORE – Ron. Smith

  • A fascinating insight into the story of Towiemore. The railway operation with its passenger halt and good sidings. The Lime works and Distillery are covered showing the receipt and despatch of goods via the railway. Also covered is the narrow gauge line that connected the quaries to the standard gauge line at Towiemore. £5.95 – P&P £1.50

Great North Memories – Graham Maxtone & Keith Fenwick

  • The 1950s and 60s were the last years of the real Great North. By 1970, nearly all the lines had closed and only the main line to Keith provided a passenger service. This photographic book illustrates the stations on each of the lines in turn. It shows quiet well kept wayside stations and the bustle of larger stations at the main towns. Colour and black and white photographs £9.50 – P&P £1.50

Rails to Banff, MacDuff and Old Meldrum – Duncan McLeish

  • A mine of information on the three branch lines of the title, includes many photographs, illustrations and track diagrams. Recommended as a really useful, but readable reference book charting the history of the lines from opening to closure. £8.50 – P&P £1.50

Railways of Keith and Dufftown – Keith Fenwick

  • This is a revised and expanded version of Railways of Keith giving more details of the line to Dufftown and bringing the story up to date. Includes a chapter on the current Keith and Dufftown Railway. Illustrated with black and white photographs and a few coloured photographs on the covers £6.90 – P&P £1.50

Railways of Buchan – Keith Fenwick, Douglas Flett and Dick Jackson

  • An excellent record of the railways in Formartine and Buchan. From construction in GNSR days through LNER and BR operation and final closure with a glimpse of a possible future. The book and many B & W and some colour illustrations. £7.95 P&P £1.50

Walking The Line – Janet McLeman

  • The Formartine and Buchan Way is a long distance footpath on the disused railway line linking the fishing ports of Fraserburgh and Peterhead with Aberdeen. This book subtitled “A Curious Walker’s Guide to the Formartine and Buchan Way” describes what can be seen on and near the Way. Illustrated with many black & white coloured photographs. £9.90 – P&P £1.50

Rails to Alford – Dick Jackson

  • The story of the railway from Kintore to Alford from its construction in the mid 19th century to its closure and demolition in the late 1960s. The book has many B&W and some colour illustrations. £4.95 – P&P £1.50

Royal Deeside’s Railway – Dick Jackson

  • This line, built by the Deeside Railway in 1853, and passing through the hands of the GNSR to the LNER and finally to BR who closed the line in 1966 now has its own published history. The line closed before the modern preservation era and despite many plans there is currently only a short stretch of track at Milton of Crathes carrying passengers. Illustrated with black and white photographs and a few coloured photographs on the covers. £5.50 – P&P £1.50

The Speyside Line – Dick Jackson and Keith Fenwick

  • A history guide to the railway from Craigellachie to Boat of Garten. Illustrated with black and white photographs and a few coloured photographs. £7.95 – P&P £1.50


Iron Road to Whisky Country – Michael Pearson

  • A Travellers & Tourist Guide to the Aberdeen to Inverness Line. £4.99 – P&P £1.50

The Railway Spirit – Train Life In Whisky Country – R.I.Smith

  • A fascinating record of railway operations in the Speyside area in steam and early diesel days. It covers what it was like to work on the railway, driving the locomotives, operations around Keith and of course the all important transportation of whisky.
  • All the above are enrinced with anecdotes from those actually involved. The book has many B&W illustrations including photographs of our own line at Keith Town, Drummuir, Loch Park and Dufftown in the BR days. £3.00 – to clear – P&P £1.50

INVERNESS TO KYLE OF LOCHALSH – David Spaven & David Fasken

The train journey from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh is one of the most scenic rail experiences in Britain. Built in three stages between 1860 and 1897, it attracts thousands of tourists every year and The Insider Rail Guide – the first of a new Highland series – takes a long-established tradition in a new direction.

The guide provides an entertaining, informative and occasionally quirky companion to the 82- mile journey linking Scotland’s North Sea coast to the Atlantic Ocean. The book is written by two authors steeped in Highland railways who provide a history of the line and insightful commentaries on the view from the window. There are practical chapters on preparing for and making the most of the journey.

In a further contrast with standard visitor literature, Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh is illustrated entirely in black & white, with over 50 eye-catching photos, bespoke hand-drawn maps and fine sketches of scenes along the railway. It is a book for both the seasonal visitor and for those with a keen interest in railways.

£7.99 – P&P £1:50


The second Insider Guidebook on the Aberdeen to Elgin & Inverness line has been published by Kessock Books. It is written by our former Membership Secretary David Fasken and railway consultant and author David Spaven. This book covers one of Scotland’s unsung rail journeys and it highlights the Keith & Dufftown Railway along the way. KDRA member Ron Smith’s local history of the Keith “Hush Hush” also features. The “landscape” format continues and the book provides a history of the line and commentary on the “view from the window”. It is illustrated with over 60 black and white photographs, hand-drawn maps and Inverness artist Merrill MacWilliam’s wonderful sketches. This is a book which will appeal to regular passengers and visitors alike.

£7:99 per book – P&P £9:49

Peter’s Railway and the Moonlight Express – Christopher Vine

  • Peter and his grandpa build a turntable, loop the loop and run trains at night. More stories from the old railways and more how it works.
  • The Second book in the series for children aged 6 to 12 (and 90!) years. £10.00 – P&P £2.00

Peter’s Railway and the Forgotten Engine – Christopher Vine

  • Peter and his grandpa extend the line and have a close shave. More stories from the old railways and more how-it-works
  • The third book in the series for children aged 6 to 12 (and 90!) years. £10.00 – P&P £2.00

Peter’s Railway to the Rescue – Christopher Vine

  • Peter’s Railway faces the coldest winter for years. Peter and his grandpa use the watermill to generate electricity then face flooding. Can the railway come to the rescue? Plus more how-it-works
  • The fourth book in the series for children aged 6 to 12 (and 90!) years. £10.00 – P&P £2.00

Peter’s Railway – Mini Books – Various Titles – Christopher Vine

£2.99p– P&P £1.00p

Peter’s Railway – Great Train Robbery – £4.99p – P&P £1.00p

Peter’s Railway – Holiday at Lunan Bay – £4.99p – P&P £1.00p

Peter’s Railway – Activity Book – £3.99p – P&P £1.00p

Jack the Station Cat books – Alan Cliff

  • A series of children’s books about Jack the Station Cat who has many adventures and the books tell of some of them. The books have many colour illustrations. £2.95 each – P&P £1.00

Other books available – please contact the railway for details

Orders to:-
Keith & Dufftown Railway (Book Sales),

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AB55 4BA

Payment by cheque or Postal Order only, made payable to:-

Keith & Dufftown Railway Association

If ordering more than one book please include full post and package for all books, and any excess will be refunded.


The railway museum is housed in the former waiting room of the station building at Dufftown. Amongst various railway artefacts, it features photographs and a diorama explaining the connection between the Canadian Pacific Railway and Dufftown born George Stephen, later Lord Mount Stephen.

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