School Visits

The Keith and Dufftown Railway extends a warm invitation to schools to visit us and find out about railways in general and the KDR in particular. You can visit on a normal scheduled service day or arrange a special charter on non scheduled service days. To discuss your visit please contact Alistair Coull on 01542 831295
or email our groups organiser.

General Information

Keith Town Station is easily accessible by coach or car as it is off the A96 just below St Rufus church. Operated by the KDR, it is separate from Keith mainline station, from which it is about 25 minutes walk.

There is ample parking space at both Keith Town and Dufftown Stations.

Access by wheelchair is possible at all stations except Towiemore Halt.  If there are wheelchair users in your party, please contact our Business Administrator to discuss your requirements as conditions may vary on account of operational circumstances.
Toilets and disabled toilets are provided at Keith Town and Dufftown stations. There are no toilets at Drummuir or Towiemore. On board trains they are strictly for emergency use only.

School Charters and Block Bookings

Whereas Block bookings may be made on scheduled services, a special Schools Charter can be booked for several Nursery & Primary Schools. The full program for Primary Schools lasts 2 hours 30 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes and is offered throughout the year, subject to availability and operating conditions. Please note for Nursery Schools a more restricted program is offered and details of this can be obtained from the School Visit Co-ordinator. Depending on the programme envisaged up to a maximum of 60 pupils can be accommodated. The School Charter can comprise all or selected items from the following:

Train Trip

A single or return journey can be made from either Keith or Dufftown on one of our Diesel Multiple Units (DMU). On the journey the history of the line, current operations and points of interest on the way are explained.

Dufftown Station

Schools should provide their own packed lunches, which can be enjoyed in the picnic area close to Dufftown Station. In bad weather picnic lunches can be taken in the station building or on the train.

Normal practice is to split school visits into groups. Each group, with a maximum of 10 pupils, undertakes a session on the following:

Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) – a good look around at the drivers cab and the controls.
The Station – includes a visit to the booking office, waiting room and a peep at the little museum.
Brake Van – Hold tight! because this includes a short trip on the works train with a shunting engine.

Work Book

To compliment your visit to the railway a Workbook for Primary Schools is included in the package. The workbook contains photographs, maps, diagrams and drawings. In addition there is information about the railway and a series of questions designed to reinforce the knowledge gained during a visit to the railway.

And Finally

Packages can be tailored with regard to length of visit and content to suit the needs of individual schools. Teachers are welcome to arrange a pre trip visit to the railway to meet and discuss their requirements with the Schools Visit Co-ordinator. For further information and queries on any aspect of the package available for Nursery & Primary Schools please contact:

School Visit Co-ordinator – Alistair Coull – 01542 831295

The KDR reserves the right for any reason deemed expedient to amend the content of any package offered to schools in accordance with operating conditions prevailing at the time of any proposed visit.

This page last updated: 16/11/23