Group bookings

Do you want to travel as a group, large or small, on one of our normal scheduled services?

You may now be more sure of reserving seats by making group bookings using our online booking system. (See below)
A 10% discount will be applied automatically to all bookings of 10 or more persons.
(Remember all bookings are for single tickets so you need to book your return journey separately) 

Once you have made your booking you may want to include some specific requests attached to the booking. 
These could include items such as:

  1. Meals and refreshments through the Sidings Cafe.

  2. Specific requests for decorations etc.

  3. Wheelchair access

  4. Special concessions for carers

  5. Any other specific requests.  

These you can make by emailing these requests to our Business Administrator.

This page last updated: 16/11/23