Archive / October, 2020

Parkmore quarry underbridge struck by HGV!

On Monday 12th October at about 1430 the railway bridge over the road was struck by an HGV travelling towards Dufftown. Damage resulted in overnight road closure. The matter is in hand with our insurers.

New 144 gets a good cleaning!

It’s not the most exciting work of volunteering but these old dears need a good cleanup. It’s a big job and a long train but it’s all well worth the effort!

Tree cutting and Vegetation Clearance

Track-side tree cutting will begin this week (12th October). This is being undertaken by a local contractor to catch up on work delayed by Covid 19 restrictions. It is also being funded by the National Lottery Emergency Grant.

Grant News: Tools & Training for RRV, Bridge Inspection

An operator training schedule is being set up for the RRV. We have also managed to source another small bucket.We have commissioned a survey of the Parkmore Quarry under-bridge as a result of damage caused by numerous strikes from passing HGVs. An initial report has been received. Remedial action may be required to ensure safety.