All pictures courtesy of Graham Barron.

While scheduled services for 2017 ended on 1st October the railway continues to run Charters for the rest of the year. If you are interested in booking a private trip this year or next please contact Ros Rhodes – Charters & Group Bookings – 01466 730327 for details. On 8th October 2017 we had a Charter for Railtrail Tours who had arranged for a meal in the Spirit of Dufftown and a trip on our train from Dufftown to Keith Town. The following pictures are of the Railtrails Tour.

Left photo the Railtrails tour arrives at Dufftown station. Figure on extreme right of photo is Euan MacPherson, secondman, on the train. Euan, a volunteer at KDR, is a professional coach driver.

Right photo shows the coach in the carpark at Dufftown, while the party enjoyed a meal in the Spirit of Dufftown.

The train arrived at Keith Town and the passengers left the train. In the right photo at upper right can be seen the coach waiting to pick them up.

Left photo Ros Rhodes, Charter Manager for KDR and guard on this train at the left, on the right Natalie Smith Railtrails Tour Manager. Railtrails Tours have been regular users of our charters for a number of years and hopefully this will continue in the future.

Right photo the loaded coach about to depart on the next leg of the tour.