Railways On The Air

On 25-26 Sep 2021 Grampian Hilltoppers Amateur Radio Club participated in the annual Railways On The Air (ROTA) Radio Communications event. Railways on the air (ROTA) weekend usually takes place every year on the weekend closest to the 27th September. The date celebrates the anniversary of the first steam powered passenger railway which took place on 27th September 1825 – the first passenger train ran on a line in the North East of England from Darlington to Stockton. ROTA promotes radio contact between participating Heritage Railways around the UK and Europe. Details of participating Heritage Railways can be found @ Railways on the Air – Welcome (barac.org.uk)

This year there were two operating positions at Dufftown Station. They were open to the Public to meet and speak with the operators and listen to contacts being made.

This page last updated: 19/11/21