Lets help our Caledonian friends!

The Caledonian have ambitious plans to connect up to the main line near Montrose, involving laying about 3 miles of track along the old bed.
You can help by filling in the survey form below but please be quick as it ends on 16th March!

Angus Council are currently consulting on active travel routes between Brechin and Montrose. They believe this is an excellent opportunity to provide a truly transformative approach to linking the two towns again and would provide a long-lasting environmental, health and tourism legacy for future generations.

As well as many other benefits, it would allow them to connect the railway at Brechin back to the mainline with all of the associated benefits. They believe this would be beneficial for all Scottish heritage railways (and tourism in general) as it would encourage visitors to travel north for us all).

The survey link is below – it will take less than a minute depending on how much you want to comment. It would be great if you could select option 3 (you need to drag to the top of the list) to have a route alongside the railway and allow the railway to be rejoined to the mainline at Montrose.