Towiemore Halt, having been brought back into use as a request stop required a makeover. The following photos show the progress of the work from April to June 2017. All pictures by Phin Sloan.

Left photo shows the work beginning in April with the top of the platform block wall being prepared for its capping slabs. Right photo shows the capping slabs in place on the platform but the ramp has still to receive its capping slabs.

A new roof was put on the platform shelter and work started on constructing a wooden structure adjoining the platform shelter.

These two photos show a front and rear view of the construction of the wooden building.


Left photo shows all the capping slabs in position on the ramp and platform. Right photo shows the completed extension.

A rear view of the buildings on the platform at Towiemore Halt just after completion. Last photo shows the interior of the extension.