The Teddy Bears Weekend took place over the weekend of 4th to 6th August and we were delighted by the response to this revised event. All photos are by Graham Barron unless otherwise credited.

Left photo, by Graham Barron, shows the Teddy Bear Staff waiting to greet passengers at Dufftown Station. Right photo, by Phin Sloan, shows one of the famous characters travelling on the trains.

Photos, by Phin Sloan, show two more of the famous characters travelling on the trains.

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic as set up on the train, photos by Phin Sloan.

Passengers on the Teddy Bears Special train.

There were photo opportunities for the passengers who joined the Teddy Bears for their picnic.

This youngster in the left photo really got into the swing of things dressing as a Teddy Bear to join the picnic. Right photo shows some of the Teddies and their accompanying humans who travelled on the trains.

Final photos of Teddies and Humans enjoying their trip on the Teddy Bear Specials!