During July 2017 further work was undertaken on the shed. First two access doors were installed one at each end of the shed. These doors allow volunteers access to the shed without having to open any of the large end doors which are only needed to allow access to the shed for rolling stock. Next the floor of the shed was painted which helps seal the floor and as it is intended to allow visitors access to the shed different colours were used signify where visitors could safely go during shed visits. The colour green was used to indicate that visitors can stand safely in green painted areas. Yellow areas indicate that visitors may only step here if invited by a volunteer. Finally red areas indicate that visitors must be escorted by a volunteer before they can use these areas. The following photos show the work in progress. All photos are by Phin Sloan unless otherwise credited.

The two new access doors the left photo is of the door at the Craigellachie end of the shed and the right photo of the door at the Dufftown end. These photos were taken by Graham Barron after the floor painting had been completed.

First all equipment and loose fittings were moved to the number 2 track side of the shed so that track 1, pit track, was clear for painting to begin. On the right photo the new access door is open at the far, Dufftown, end of the shed as shown by the rectangle of light.

Two further photos showing the number 1 track side of the shed cleared ready for painting.

The red and green paint has been applied to the pit track side of the shed.

The yellow areas were then painted on the pit track side of the shed.

Once the paint on the number 1 side of the shed had dried all equipment and fittings were moved to this side of the shed in preparation for painting the floor on the other side. The large yellow area painted first is where our workbenches will be installed. On the right photo you may just make out the bolts in the yellow area which are used to secure the work benches to the floor.

Left photo, by Phin Sloan, shows the floor between the rails on number 2 track side has been painted green. If there is no rolling stock on number 2 track it will be safe to stand between the rails and if there is rolling stock on number 2 track it will not be possible to stand between the rails. Right photo, by Graham Barron, shows the green painted floor in front of the shed doors at the Dufftown end, a similar area has been painted green at the Craigellachie end.