All pictures in this section courtesy of Phin Sloan.

Both our UDV & Wee Mac required work done on them in the shed but before they were moved into the shed they were given a power wash. Left photo above shows the UDV receiving a power wash and right photo after the power wash.

Left photo, from the Dufftown end, shows Wee Mac nearest camera; right photo with UDV nearest the camera, both shunters are over the pit. The Wee Mac required less work than the UDV and was soon moved out of the shed again. The UDV requires heavy work involving the removal of the connecting rods from both sides, replacing the bearings in the connecting rods and replacement of the rods. The UDV is likely to be in the shed for some time.

Left photo shows Speeder Cars nos. 3 & 2 now in the shed with the UDV still resident on the pit track. Speeder Car no.3, in front of the UDV, is now operational but has been moved into the shed for shelter from the elements. Speeder Car no. 2 is part way through its refurbishment programme and has been moved into the shed to allow work on the electricals. No. 2 is on track 2 which is not currently connected to our line, more track panels and a point need to be laid to make the connection.