On Thursday 8th June the KDRA fielded its first all-female DMU crew for a private charter for Strathmore Travel. This was a first for the KDRA and possibly a first for heritage railways in the UK. The crew are pictured above and are (left to right) Tina Wells (guard), Ros Rhodes (driver) and Manuela Hassel, second man. The KDRA now has sufficient qualified female volunteers to crew its DMUs and it should not be too long before we claim another first with an all-female crew on scheduled services! The lady volunteers at the KDRA have long provided a much valued pool of volunteers working alongside their male counterparts in most if not every aspect of the railway. If there are any ladies out there wondering if they could do anything on the railway please get in touch we would welcome you and can find work for you from crewing the trains to permanent way work and everything in between!